Day 11 of 30

Today is day 11 of 30. For our situp and pushup challenge we have 65 today.
Being Tuesday it is also Shoulders, Legs and Calves day. 3 sets of 6. This is also day 30 of 365.

A few announcements:

  • After the pushup and situp challenge I will be doing a Pull-up challenge.
  • Also in December I will be putting on a Can You 24 Challenge. By ordering a 24 day cleanse pack from my Advocare store, you will receive a post holiday cleanse and jump start your New Year with a great weight-loss, and plateau breaking, supplement routine. I will also be providing support throughout the 24 days, as well as a workout to help enhance the program.




First off- Day 9 of 30- today is 60 pushups/situps

OK, So yesterday around noon I came home and was followed from the front of my neighborhood to my house by the FedEx truck. I contemplated stopping and getting my package without having the driver go all the way to the end of the neighborhood. I thought better of the idea, I mean it would be pretty embarrassing if my package wasn’t the truck or if the driver had other deliveries, or I don’t know, the driver thought I was going to rob them.

With all that said I finally got home and got my package! It was my next months supply of supplements and vitamins. It was like Christmas!

Photo Oct 24, 11 53 36 AM


Going along the lines of supplements, I want to also provide you with my grocery list for the upcoming week. On top of the supplements here are the items I eat on a daily basis. These items account for around 2000 calories and the only things not on the list are dinners. My wife does an amazing job with dinner and I just have whatever wonderful meal she makes.

Take the list and divide the amounts by 7 and you get what I eat in a day. There are other options and I can help you if you need some ideas. Here’s the list:

Photo Oct 24, 8 37 26 PM

Shall We Try Again?

In the midst of moving from Norfolk to Pensacola, two things happened. First I didn’t make time to blog, and second I didn’t work out. I pledged to workout 365 days in a row, however with long days on the road, and a couple of 40oz curls, I took time off.

At first this did not really bother me. I was accomplishing my move and as a family, we were starting a huge, and new chapter in life. But once I arrived at the new house, I began to feel like this:


Unfortunately I was out of my element and out of rhythm. Even buying new running shoes, and completing a 5K with my wife, couldn’t get me back in gear. I had lost momentum and was enjoying my down time.

However, that is not me. I will never be able to ignore working out and taking care of myself. I didn’t spend 4 years of my life studying exercise science because I liked the theory of it. I did it because of my love and passion for being healthy. Nothing beats taking care of yourself and others, and after a little pep talk, I was back.

So today it is official. I am restarting the 365 days of exercise. Today’s routine- weight lifting for strength and size.

I have posted a few of the exercises in the past, but here is the complete workout for my new Day 1:

  • Bench Press 4 rounds of 12 to 15
  • Incline Dumbbell Press 3 rds of 12 to 15
  • Incline Dumbbell Flyes 3 rds or 12 to 15
  • Cable Crossover 3 rds of 12 to 15
  • Triceps Pushdown 4 rds of 12 to 15
  • Overhead Cable Tricep Extensions 3 rds of 12 to 15
  • Standing Calve Raises 3 rds of 25
  • Seated Calve Raises 3 rds of 25

The first few exercises felt pretty hard, but after the Muscle Strength and BioCharge kicked in, I began to really feel the burn and pump, and by the end of the workout I felt like this:


I am not big on pre-workout supplements, and I don’t drink caffeine, but the animo acid supplements by AdvoCare have been great. Some days you just a little pick me up in your workout, and I have found BioCharge to be the best one out there.

Tomorrow I have a huge medical exam for flight school, but I will be sure to get in a workout and let you know how it goes!

365 Day Challenge: Day 1

Day 1 was today, August 19, 2013 and it just so happened to be a leg day. A midst the packing and preparing for the upcoming move to Florida, I found a little time to get to the gym and get in my leg routine.

Here is the routine:

4 sets of 12-15 Back Squats
3 sets of 12-15 Leg Press
3 sets of 12-15 Leg Extensions
4 sets of 12-15 Romanian Deadlifts
3 sets of 12-15 Leg Curls

3 sets of 20-30 Weighted Hip Thrusters
2 sets of as many crunches as possible
3, 60 second Planks

While completing the workout I used Advocare’s new BioCharge intra-workout supplement. On day two I am going running and will use the supplement again. I will post a review of the supplement after a week of usage. If you are interested in more about BioCharge please click the picture below.


Also around the corner, I will post a few pictures and my starting stats for the year long challenge. I will update those at regular intervals and track all my progress with you.

As the workout catches up to me…

So, I mentioned that Friday was a day of 6 sets of 3 reps, and that it felt a little difficult towards the end. Well Saturday proved that the system is working and it has only been one week.

I have been supplementing the main work of the soviet routine with crossfit, running and rest. And Saturday was no different. I decided that Saturday was a good time to repeat the Supplemental workout from Tuesday. I made a few slight changes. Instead of shoulder press I did clean and presses. I added a set of 25 seated rows at half my max, and I completely skipped calves.

I found out that as much as I felt like I was working small groups of muscles with my soviet routine, I am hitting my entire body. My calves still need supplemental work, but they work during squats as well. So that three times a week, plus the crossfit and other workouts, I needed a break. And every person who works out knows, you have to take some breaks, and you as your workouts catch up to you, your body will ask for recovery time. As short as the Soviet routine is, you are moving insane percentages of weight, and your body needs to get its nutrients and recovery time.

I have taken many supplements in the past, and I have spent tons of money on the “best” products, or the most expensive, but I am so thankful that Danielle and John Butler introduced me to the AdvoCare family. I have never had a product help me achieve my goals like this. I have more energy, despite the fact I have a child at home who likes to wake me up for an hour at 1 or 130 every morning, I increased my strength while losing weight (a feat that is hard to do when you aren’t a sedentary individual) and I watched fat melt away. Here is a list of what I take and why. Click on the product name for a direct link to the product:

Spark– I take this every morning as a coffee replacement and an energy booster. I have one a day and I have energy until well into the late night.sparkProbiotic Restore Ultra– Probiotic to help boost my immune system and promote intestinal health.probiotic

Rehydrate– Low calorie, healthy alternative to gatorade and intra workout mixes. Keeps me hydrated and alert during my workout.rehydrate


Omega-Plex– Omega fatty acids. A side note, my best friend has a bad reaction to most omega pills and I offered her my Omega Plex and she loves it. She had purchased 3 bottle so far.omegaplex


Meal Replacement Shake– I do not take this everyday, but it is delicious and whenever I am short on my calorie count for the day, or in a hurry I grab some chocalate Meal Replacers. It has an even ratio of carbs and protein, 24 grams of each.mrs



Muscle Gain Protein Mix– Post workout for recovery and muscle mass. muscle gain


Night time recovery– This helps me fall into a deep sleep and feel rested in the morning. The supplement promote growth hormone production and contains HMB. Without Night time recovery I struggle to fall asleep and to stay asleep.P3201

These products are huge part of why I was able to drop 17 pounds in 12 weeks and shred, over 6% of body fat! Even if you like what you are taking now, give these a try!

Working at Meyer Fitness, Norfolk Fitness Center

Sorry all! This has been a busy week, and I haven’t posted daily like I wanted. So lets catch up.

The reason I have struggled with getting everything done this week, despite being on spring break, is because I have begun to get hours at Meyer Fitness in Norfolk, VA. This summer I will be completing a 400 hour internship, and to make things easier, I am grabbing some hours now and getting ahead. I was able to 12 hours this week. So I am now 3% down with my internship! LOL. I love Meyer Fitness and truly believe I picked the right place to work this summer. If you are in the Norfolk, VA area, stop by!

I started the muscle and strength routine on Monday, I did get to post that! On Tuesday I dd a supplemental routine to help me hit the muscle groups not worked during the Soviet Strength routine. That workout looked like this:

3 sets of 5 Snatches, 135lb

3 sets of 8 face pulls

3 sets of 8 reverse pec deck machine

4 sets of 4 Heavy shoulder press

3 sets of 8 seated leg curl

4 sets of 4 heavy one arm row

2 sets of 10 standing calves

2 sets of 10 seated calves

This was followed by 25 per side of 35# turkish get ups, 100 pushups, and 100 situps.

My Turkish Get Up goal

My Turkish Get Up goal

On Wednesday I did 6 sets of 3 for my soviet routine. The takeaway from Wednesday was: Bench is going to be hard when doing sets of 5 and 6, Squats feel really good, but we will see what 6×6 is like, and chin-ups are the exercise that gets you. The only way to finish my 3 reps, was to drop the weight a little after 3 sets. If you are following along, whenever you cannot reach your rep count, drop some weight. Do not simply to lower reps for more sets. Keep the rep scheme the same and go lighter.

Thursday was another day to focus on other movements. I chose to follow Crossfit Challenge’s 13.2:

5 shoulder to overhead press with 115

10 deadlifts with 115

15 , 25″ box jumps

repeat as many times as possible for 10 minutes. I completed 6 rounds for a score of 182, I got the two from 2 presses in unfinished round 7.

And back to today- Soviet routine, 6 sets of 3. I followed the same routine as on wednesday and felt much better about my performance.

Ok, so I am all caught up! Don’t forget- Do Not Waste a Workout, Finish with proper nutrition!


Advocare Fiber Drink

As a part of getting healthy I started a 10 day cleanse. I didn’t change anything about my diet, I am eating the way I plan to for life, but I added the cleanse routine from Advocare. As a part of that routine you spend 3 days at the beginning taking a fiber drink in the morning, and then the last 3 days you take the fiber drink again. Throughout the ten days there is also a probiotic, fatty acids, and an herbal cleanse. While I can’t speak directly on how the other products affect me daily, I can talk about the fiber drink.


In general Americans only get about 50% of their recommended daily fiber intake. This leads to gastrointestinal problems and weight gains. Part of the problem is the simple fact that Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables; something I have addressed in my new diet.

The Advocare fiber drink provides an additional 10 grams of dietary fiber, and 6 grams of insoluble fiber. The 10g of dietary fiber help you reach your daily goal and helps promote longer term regularity. The insoluble fiber rushes through your system, cleansing the digestive tract and eliminating waste. Basically it power washes the scum in your system. And believe me, it works! Within minutes you can tell the fiber is doing its job and you begin to “eliminate” scum.

While the taste isn’t as great as the other Advocare products, Fiber Drink works as advertised and is an essential part to the healthy cleansing everyone should be doing at least yearly.

For Fiber Drink, click here.