365 Day Challenge: Day 1

Day 1 was today, August 19, 2013 and it just so happened to be a leg day. A midst the packing and preparing for the upcoming move to Florida, I found a little time to get to the gym and get in my leg routine.

Here is the routine:

4 sets of 12-15 Back Squats
3 sets of 12-15 Leg Press
3 sets of 12-15 Leg Extensions
4 sets of 12-15 Romanian Deadlifts
3 sets of 12-15 Leg Curls

3 sets of 20-30 Weighted Hip Thrusters
2 sets of as many crunches as possible
3, 60 second Planks

While completing the workout I used Advocare’s new BioCharge intra-workout supplement. On day two I am going running and will use the supplement again. I will post a review of the supplement after a week of usage. If you are interested in more about BioCharge please click the picture below.


Also around the corner, I will post a few pictures and my starting stats for the year long challenge. I will update those at regular intervals and track all my progress with you.


Week 5 Weigh-in and Progress

Alright! So despite getting a little bored and afraid of plateaus during week four, I made it to my next benchmark. I just finished week 5 of phase one of my training. I have 7 weeks left til phase 2 and I am already beginning to some results. This week my number were a little deceiving and so I had to look at what was happening and what has been happening.

Over the first 3 weeks, before I started taking pictures and checking in with you all, I lost a lot of weight quickly and saw dramatic drops in size. This was ok because my strength wasn’t waning and so it was all fat. This week i have seen my strength increase, but my numbers are still lower than when I started. This is also good news. This shows that I am slowly building muscle, and am now beginning to lose fat while adding lean mass. The only numbers not going up are my weight, waist and body fat!

Here is what the last two weeks looks like:

Weight down to 177.6, this is 12.4 pounds in 5 weeks

Bodyfat has dropped 1% in the last two weeks

Chest grew 1 inch in two weeks

Biceps are up 1.5 inches in two weeks

Hips grew .8 inches in two weeks

waist down 1 inch!

Thighs, quad growth of .5 inches in two weeks

Calves up .25 inches in two weeks

Shoulders have increased size by 2 inches in two weeks

and my neck is up .5 inches in two weeks

So statistically the workout program is working and everything I could ask to be happening is. Now for the pictures. I believe there are a few difference that can be seen in the pictures, but I can tell day to day there are some big changes. Pictures can be deceiving, but they say it take several weeks for you to noticed a change and even longer for strangers.

Here you go:

R Side 2 R Back 2 R Flex 2 R Front 2

Next benchmark- week 7