1st Navy Jack

So as a Naval Officer and a SNFO I am authorized to wear a flight suit and with it several patches. I have a name tag, a class patch from API, a command patch, and a flag. The flag is on my left shoulder and currently I am allowed to wear either the American Flag, or the First Navy Jack. I have chosen to wear the First Navy Jack.

Photo Feb 14, 1 02 44 PM


That’s fine and all, but my wife challenged me today and asked me what it meant. Well this is what I knew- the flag was used in the Revolutionary War and you better not tread on me. Not exactly what one should know when choosing how to represent himself and his country. I knew it had a great history and when it came into being, but I didn’t know the significance of the saying or snake. So I looked it up and here is what it means, and why I wear the First Navy Jack.

In the Revolutionary War the Navy ships flew the flag which is an adopted version of the Gadsden Flag. The stripes represent the 13 original colonies and the motto is a representation of the traits of the Timber Rattlesnake- which symbolizes the United States and found its habitat in the 13 colonies.

The Timber Rattlesnake was chosen because it is a quiet and peaceful snake that to the untrained eye is harmless. The snake never attacks unprovoked, however never backs down after struck. The snake will fight to its death and will inflict large amounts of venom into its prey with speed and precision. The small bites can barely been seen and yet the venom released is always deadly. Conscious of this the Timber Rattlesnake does not begin her attack until generously giving notice. The snake has no eyelids and therefore is the perfect symbol for vigilance.

I wear the First Navy Jack because I, like the Timber, am from one of the original colonies, now states in the union. I am proud to fight for my country and to serve the United States. I will never back down from a fight and will strike with precision and speed. The First Navy Jack represents all I believe in as a member of the Armed Forces and I will always be vigilant.



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