SUP in February

Today has been one of the greatest days of the year! Yes it is early in the year, but still. So far nothing touches the way today went.

Today is Henry’s birthday. Today he is 2 years old. He has made me incredibly happy and my life is bother because of him. This morning he got Chocolate Pancakes and was allowed to open a gift. He loves Thomas the Tank Engine and so he got a shirt, and of course wore Thomas to school. Tonight he has a slew of other presents and he will get to open and play with all of them.

I went in like normal and mustered with the wing and went to workout. Today was a tough day. I modified the WOD big time and really struggled. Here’s what I ended up doing:

5 Handstand push-ups, 5 pistol squats, 10 pull-ups
10 Handstand push-ups, 10 pistol squats, 20 pull-ups
15 Handstand push-ups, 15 pistol squats, 30 pull-ups
I could not finish the pushups, I lost my form, I fell during some of the pistol squats, and I finished the pull-ups by doing them one at a time. The RX’d WOD was almost twice as many of each exercise and then climbed back down the sets.

I finished my workout by doing the following:

4 Sets of Squats, increasing weight with each set
4 Sets of deadlift, same weight throughout
2 minute tabata style hanging knee raises, ball crunch, cable crunch and side crunch- 8 minutes total

After a good 30 minute break I met a friend and spent the next hour and a half on paddle boarding. It was amazing. We fought the channel for a good 30 minutes and spent some time in the water chasing our boards and hopping back on. The water was 56 degrees, however the air temp was perfect. about 70. As soon as you were out of the water you were no longer cold and the wetness felt great.

Just before turning back and heading around sand island, we spotted a school of dolphins. They spent the next 20 minutes or so in our area feeding and playing. we also hundreds of pelicans fishing, and a few loons. And the fish, HUGE! Several times I mistook fish for skates, only to realize they were giant sheeps head and red drum.

After we turned around, I switched boards with my friend and spent some time on his racing SUP and using his carbon fiber paddle. It was awesome. The stability was much lower than my all-rounder board, but the ease and power was wonderful. Each stroke on his board was about the equalivalent of three strokes on my board. I wouldn’t give my board up, but I could definitely enjoy have one like his. Maybe I will get one! I did decide that I wanted fish off of my board, so maybe soon.

As for the rest of the day, I am planning on making cupcakes with Henry and Em, and we will spend time talking to his grandparents. And then- DUKE at UNC. The game is at 8pm CT and my wife and I will sit on opposite ends of the couch and cheer for our respective teams. Anything could happen!

Tomorrow I am back at the gym and then pizza night and family in town for the Birthday Party!



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