Working at Meyer Fitness, Norfolk Fitness Center

Sorry all! This has been a busy week, and I haven’t posted daily like I wanted. So lets catch up.

The reason I have struggled with getting everything done this week, despite being on spring break, is because I have begun to get hours at Meyer Fitness in Norfolk, VA. This summer I will be completing a 400 hour internship, and to make things easier, I am grabbing some hours now and getting ahead. I was able to 12 hours this week. So I am now 3% down with my internship! LOL. I love Meyer Fitness and truly believe I picked the right place to work this summer. If you are in the Norfolk, VA area, stop by!

I started the muscle and strength routine on Monday, I did get to post that! On Tuesday I dd a supplemental routine to help me hit the muscle groups not worked during the Soviet Strength routine. That workout looked like this:

3 sets of 5 Snatches, 135lb

3 sets of 8 face pulls

3 sets of 8 reverse pec deck machine

4 sets of 4 Heavy shoulder press

3 sets of 8 seated leg curl

4 sets of 4 heavy one arm row

2 sets of 10 standing calves

2 sets of 10 seated calves

This was followed by 25 per side of 35# turkish get ups, 100 pushups, and 100 situps.

My Turkish Get Up goal

My Turkish Get Up goal

On Wednesday I did 6 sets of 3 for my soviet routine. The takeaway from Wednesday was: Bench is going to be hard when doing sets of 5 and 6, Squats feel really good, but we will see what 6×6 is like, and chin-ups are the exercise that gets you. The only way to finish my 3 reps, was to drop the weight a little after 3 sets. If you are following along, whenever you cannot reach your rep count, drop some weight. Do not simply to lower reps for more sets. Keep the rep scheme the same and go lighter.

Thursday was another day to focus on other movements. I chose to follow Crossfit Challenge’s 13.2:

5 shoulder to overhead press with 115

10 deadlifts with 115

15 , 25″ box jumps

repeat as many times as possible for 10 minutes. I completed 6 rounds for a score of 182, I got the two from 2 presses in unfinished round 7.

And back to today- Soviet routine, 6 sets of 3. I followed the same routine as on wednesday and felt much better about my performance.

Ok, so I am all caught up! Don’t forget- Do Not Waste a Workout, Finish with proper nutrition!



Week 1 Day 1

Today was the first day of the Soviet routine. I chose to use 60 seconds as my rest time. Since day one is light compared to some of the days to follow I wanted to minimize rest today, and later in the routine work up to taking 2 minutes of rest in between sets. Here is the routine for today:

175 pound Bench Press, 6 sets of 2 reps

245 pound Back Squat, 6 sets of 2 reps

80 pound Weighted Chin-ups, 6 sets of 2 reps

3 sets of 20 reps reverse V-up, hands on floor, feet on ball

6 sets of 8 reps of Sledge Hammer slams

3 sets of tri-set crunches, 6 crunches holding 15 pounds, 6 with 25 pounds and 15 with 45 pounds



My take away is from the day is that proper nutrition will be key to getting through these workouts. Since this is a strength routine and not a cutting routine, my calorie intake went up, and I can tell I used every bit of the energy in my Advocare Spark, and Advocare Catalyst. By the end of the workout I was exhausted. I really believe the supplements from Advocare have helped me push harder and get through some of the tougher workouts. They helped me get to my goal weight, and they will help me add strength and muscle.

Today was a light day, sort of a “Hey get your feet wet and learn about what is coming in the next few weeks”. However, I can honestly say that I felt the second reps of every exercise when I was on set 5 or 6. Tonight however I do not feel too bad, and am ready to do my supplemental exercises tomorrow.

Give it a try. I will post day two tomorrow!


Calorie Intake and Black Bean Pizza

So  I promised everyone an update on how to adjust calories once you reach a goal weight.  The easiest way is to use an online calculator. I have found this one to be a good source.

I however have been monitoring my calories for the entire time I have been working on my program. So I was able to calculate my needs based on the previous week. Last week I lost 2.8 pounds. At 3500 calories per pound, I had a deficit of 9800 calories that week. This over the 7 day week, that means I need 1400 calories a day to sustain and stop losing weight.

If you are thinking wow, that’s a lot, you are right. However with the HIIT, and crossfit style workouts I have been doing, that makes sense. But nonetheless I had the same reaction. So how do you go from 2200 to 3600 calories a day? Take it slow, and monitor your weight.

On Sunday I only adding 300 calories to my day. This allowed me to eat a little more but not gorge myself. This morning I weighed myself. Today I did my first workout of the new program, and at 5 pm I had eaten 2200 calories and was still hungry. with 300 left, compared to yesterday, I knew 2500 was too low. I bumped my number to 2700. I will eat 2700 calories today and weigh myself tomorrow. I will continue to eat 2700 calories a day for the rest of the week, and I will weigh myself every morning. If over the course of this week I maintain my weight, I will stop increasing and eat 2700 a day. However if I lose weight I will add another 200 calories and continue the process.

The reason this is a better method than just looking at a calculator, or just adding the 1400 calories to my day, is because it allows for my new workout to burn a different amount than the last, and it helps me avoid eating way too much before my body is ready for the extra food.


So After getting my calories sorted out, I my pizza. Super healthy Black Bean and Salsa pizza! One slice is 183 calories. Have a glass of wine and two slices and you are looking at a 466 calorie meal, with tons of protein and even some veggies. Here is a step by step recipe for you to follow:

Place your pizza stone on the grill and turn on grill as high as possible. Let warm-up for an hour. My grill reached about 600 degrees.

First spread your dough over a pizza peel and pour 1 cup of salsa on the dough. Spread evenly.

Photo Mar 10, 7 52 18 PM

Next take a cup of shredded mozzarella and spread it evenly over  the dough and salsa.

Photo Mar 10, 7 53 51 PM

After adding the cheese, take a fully drained can of black beans and top the cheese with the beans. Thinly slice a single red pepper and spread the pepper over the beans.

Photo Mar 10, 7 59 47 PM

Next chop 3 scallions into 1 inch segments and place on top.

Photo Mar 10, 8 01 43 PM

The final step before baking is to take about 1/4 cup of mozzarella and create a top layer of cheese.

Photo Mar 10, 8 02 23 PM

Place on the pizza stone inside the grill and bake for 6 minutes. Enjoy!

Photo Mar 10, 8 03 20 PMPhoto Mar 10, 8 12 34 PM

Final Weigh in of Phase 1

Today is the day before I begin my new soviet style strength routine. It is also the last day of my Big man on Campus routine. This is a perfect time to weigh in and complete a set of measurements. I can see how the first 12 weeks went, and have a started place for the next 6 weeks.

The goal of my first phase was to add a little muscle and lose as much body fat as possible over the 12 week period. I wanted to focus on eating healthy so that my muscles could recovery from workouts and the body fat would be used up as fuel. Because of the way I ate, I was able to add a strength and burn through excess fat. For instance I lost over 2 pound last week, but was able to increase my 1RM for bench press.

Here are the results from the last 12 weeks:

Starting Weight- 189     Current Weight- 172.2

Starting Body Fat%- 15  Current BF%- 8.4

Starting Chest- 39.5″      Current- 39″, this 39″ is up after an initial drop to 38″

Starting Bicep- 15.5″       Current- 15″, up after dropping to 14.75″

Starting Hip- 39.5″          Current- 37″

Starting Waist- 35.5″      Current- 31.5″

Starting Thighs- 23.5″    Current- 22″

Starting Calves- 15.3″     Current- 15″

Starting Forearms- 12″   Current- 15″

Starting Shoulders- 44″  Current- 47″

Starting Neck- 16″            Current- 15.5″


Starting Bench Press- 205 Current- 220

Starting Squat- 300         Current- 310

Here are my Latest pictures compared to week 1:

R Front 1R Front 4R Side 1R Side 4R Flex 1R Flex 4

So far so good I think. Over the next 6 weeks I will be looking for muscle growth. I will also be monitoring my calories to ensure I maintain weight. By maintaining my weight I should see fat loss equal to the muscle gain. About 0.3 lbs of fat loss with 0.3 lbs of muscle gain. Later today I will talk about my plan for calorie intake over the coming weeks.



1 Rep Max Test

Alright, so today was my 1RM test day. In order to follow the soviet routine I have been talking about I need to know my 1RM. Throughout the routine you are required to perform the exercises at percentages of your 1RM.

I was actually really excited about this. I have never tried to  see how much weight I pull doing a chin-up, I have never tried to max out my squats, and only recently did I attempt a max at bench press. So today was going to be a first for me, and I was excited to see what I could do.

I began by performing the bench press. Two weeks ago I tested and lifted 215 pounds. Today I started by performing a set of 6 reps at 180 pounds. I just wanted to warm up a bit and let the blood flow. I then put completed 1 rep at 210. I added 5 pounds and completed a rep at 215. Next up was 220. Since this was a new weight for me, I found a spotter and let him know I was shooting for a new max and I may not get this weight. I lifted the bar off the rack, lowered the bar and pushed, pushed, pushed- for about 5 good seconds I pushed and breathed and slowly completed the rep without help! I did not try for 225 and happy accepted 220 as my 1RM.

Just as I will be completing my workout, I moved to the squat. I wanted to ensure I tested in the same order of my workout. This way if I am tired and  the max is lower and so the percentage will fit in the program and I want try to push a weight that is higher than my muscle strength. I again completed a lower weight warm up, and moved into single squats. Starting at 280 I worked my way up and finally maxed out at 310.

For the chin ups, I bet you can’t guess what I did? LOL I warmed up and then completed single reps with different weights hanging off my belt. I started at 65 pounds and maxed out at 80!

So now my started benchmark is- Bench press 220, Squat 310, Chin-ups 80.

After completed the workout I did a Crossfit routine from earlier in the week. The routine specifically focused on the movements in the 13.1 from the Reebok Challenge. So for me the WOD was:

12-9-6-3 reps of

95# Snatch



I completed the WOD in 7:10

Unfortunately this was still pretty tough for me, and while I wanted to use tomorrow as a retry of 13.1, I will be using it as rest day and prepare myself to start the soviet routine on Monday.

Now for a good solid dinner

Fast Friday

Hey Everyone,

Since today was my active recovery day, that meant some form of cardio. It was 45 degrees outside, not too bad, but with the wind here at the beach- no go!

I chose to do a HIIT routine I found online. I have done this one before, so I modified it a little for some extra ummph. Here is the base routine:

Photo Mar 08, 1 02 15 PM


The modification was really simple- started at the first 9.0 mph interval I added 0.5 mph to each round and worked up to 10.5 mph and then dropped back down. So the final sprint section went like this- 9.0, 9.5, 10.0, 10.5, 10.0, 9.5, 9.0 and then 5.5 mph for the cool down.

Tomorrow is my 1RM day, so I will be posted those. I will also post my workout for that day. I am going to do a little workout to gain some confidence and experience with snatches and on Wednesday I am going to try to do Thursday’s WOD- 13.1. This time I want to do the men’s weights.


What is a rest day?

Whatever a rest day is, today was not that day!

It was supposed to be. Maybe just a short run, do a little work and get the blood flowing. However, Wednesday the Reebok Crossfit games began. I watched a few videos, so a few contests, and then after looking at the WOD, I decided to join in. the workout for the day- 13.1!

A little heads up- the number 4 ranked guy in the world completed only 5 snatches at the final weight, and his competitor (another highly ranked man) didn’t even snatch at the final weight.

So here is what 13.1 looked like for them:

Complete AMRAP  in 17 minutes

40 Burpees, 30- 95#Snatch

30 Burpees, 30- 135# Snatch

20 Burpees, 30- 165# Snatch

10 Burpees, AMAP 210# Snatch


So again, despite being an active recovery day, I jumped in. Only I knew I couldn’t do those weights yet so I competed in the female competition, lol!

Here is what I did-

40 Burpees, 30- 45#Snatch

30 Burpees, 30- 75# Snatch

20 Burpees, 30- 100# Snatch

10 Burpees, AMAP 120# Snatch

And so how did I do? I finished the first 3 rounds completely and then did 5 of the burpees in the final round. Once that 17 minute timer went off, I was done, and no matter what I wasn’t going to try and finish. The burpees were tough, but holy cow, even a 45# snatch 30 times is ridiculous.

Oh, and by the way, off to class afterwards. In class I walked a mile and then completed a submax VO2 test on the Monark ErgoCycler. Awesome- not! I don’t like to bike and so 13 miles on top of the WOD, SPENT!

Needless to say I am taking tomorrow off. Well a true active recovery day. If it is nice outside I will run a 5 k, however if it is colder than I would like, HIIT here I come.


Give 13.1 a try- I would love to know your thoughts!?!