Back and Bicep Day


With the increased school load I wanted to ensure I updated you on the workout routines. Today is day 8 of the 30 day challenge and that means REST DAY. So no pushup or situps today.

However in the workout routine, today is a back and  bi day. Here is the routine:



  • Bent over barbell row
  • One arm row
  • Seated rows
  • Shrugs
  • Reverse barbell curl
  • Dumbbell curl
  • Barbell curl
  • Wrist curl
  • Seated calve raise

Thursday, Friday and Saturday repeat the workouts from the last three days and then Sunday is a rest day. And trust me, you earned it!


Fitness is Everything

First things first- Today is Day 8 of the 365 day challenge. Today’s routine is the same as on Day one; chest and triceps. The only change is the number of reps. Instead of 12 to 15, I will be doing 9 to 11. Over the weekend I ran for days 6 and 7. On Saturday I ran 2.4 miles. I woke drank a bottle of water and loaded the kid into the stroller. I think for the first half mile I was sweating out the wine from the night before (We had friends over and played Risk from 8 to 1). On Sunday I ran without my son and did 3 miles. The remnants of TS Karen were approaching Pensacola and so I threw on a hoodie and ran in the ran. It was honestly one of my best runs ever, and I had a blast!

Now that we have been through the weekend and today’s routine, what is this “Fitness is Everything” thing? Well I realized over the weekend, and probably a little bit of last week, that while I am a trainer and I fitness blogger, I do more than just help people with their workouts and I focus on more in my life. Therefore I believe that fitness is everything. Good relationships, good thoughts, good food, good rest; a good lifestyle is proper fitness.

Over the summer I worked at Meyer Fitness in Norfolk, and I talked with people who struggled in their marriage or at work, people who were getting married and people who lost someone. I was not only a trainer, but a therapist and friend. The physical fitness of my clients was important, however fitness in their life was the bigger priority.


As a means to grow my blog and provide fun and interesting subjects, I am going to begin writing about all things in my life. Trips with my wife and son, food I eat, crazy nights with friends, flight school and anything else I hope you will find enjoyable. As I journey through this life and work on my physical, mental and life fitness,  I want you to grow and share with me.

I may decide to rename the site, reorganize things and have a new look as I move on this venture.

Coming up this week: a look at Emily’s workout, a discussion on calories, my favorite boat trip, and a preview of ask the trainer.

Back in the gym (Day 3 of 365)

After a nice run Tuesday- 2 miles on Perdido Key Beach- It is time to get back in the gym. A little play on words there, it is Back and Bi day.

After some spark and muscle strength I was ready to go and pumped for my lift. I really like that the supplements help me physically without causing jitters, and that I can very clearly feel the strength difference when I take them. Without the supplements I don’t lift as much and feel sluggish throughout the hour plus I am in the gym.

Anyway, back to the workout. Before laying out the workout for you, I want to explain to you my thoughts about single arm rows and other forms of rows. No matter what routine I follow, I make adjustments for these exercises. Since I am working for size and strength, I want to taxed my muscles as much as possible and in as few reps as possible. Hence the typical 4 to 6 reps of heavy weight for strength gains. As much as I like Jim Stoppani and his research and workout routine, I still modify his back routine slightly. I believe that in order to lift big in the shoulders and chest, you have to be able to pull big with the back. Your back controls the weight as you lower it, and helps to stabilize everything as you lift back up. Have you ever seen a heavy lifter or world record holder with a small back?

To modify the weight and reps, I ignore rep count on back days and setup heavy weight. Right now that means I use 100+ pounds for one arm rows. I strive to perform this exercise with the largest dumbbell in the gym. For now I am going to start at 100, it has just been too long since I hit the weights hard. The other modification is to do pull-downs using my body weight or as close as possible. With both exercises I do the recommended sets and just knock out as many reps as possible.


That’s EXACTLY what I look like in the gym

So now the workout for today:

  • One Arm Row 4 sets of AMAP
  • Seated wide grip Pulldown 3 sets of AMAP
  • Standing Pulldown 3 sets of 12-15
  • Straight arm Pulldown 3 sets of 12 to 15
  • Reverse Barbell Curl 4 sets of 12 to15
  • Incline Dumbbell Curl 3 sets of 12 to 15
  • One arm high cable curls 3 sets 12 to 15
  • Hip raise 3 sets of 30 reps
  • Crunches 3 sets of 30 reps
  • Oblique Crunches 3 sets of 30 reps

Don’t forget your protein after a day like today!!

Day 2

Today is Day 2 of 365. Last time I didn’t make it to day 2, so yeah- high five!

It’s a pretty easy day because of my Medical Exam. I haven’t eaten since 7pm last night because of the blood work required at todays exam. After I have lunch I plan on going for a two mile run with my wife. It has been awhile since I ran on the beach, and I think today is the day. I mean I live in Pensacola after all! Why would I run anywhere else?


Shall We Try Again?

In the midst of moving from Norfolk to Pensacola, two things happened. First I didn’t make time to blog, and second I didn’t work out. I pledged to workout 365 days in a row, however with long days on the road, and a couple of 40oz curls, I took time off.

At first this did not really bother me. I was accomplishing my move and as a family, we were starting a huge, and new chapter in life. But once I arrived at the new house, I began to feel like this:


Unfortunately I was out of my element and out of rhythm. Even buying new running shoes, and completing a 5K with my wife, couldn’t get me back in gear. I had lost momentum and was enjoying my down time.

However, that is not me. I will never be able to ignore working out and taking care of myself. I didn’t spend 4 years of my life studying exercise science because I liked the theory of it. I did it because of my love and passion for being healthy. Nothing beats taking care of yourself and others, and after a little pep talk, I was back.

So today it is official. I am restarting the 365 days of exercise. Today’s routine- weight lifting for strength and size.

I have posted a few of the exercises in the past, but here is the complete workout for my new Day 1:

  • Bench Press 4 rounds of 12 to 15
  • Incline Dumbbell Press 3 rds of 12 to 15
  • Incline Dumbbell Flyes 3 rds or 12 to 15
  • Cable Crossover 3 rds of 12 to 15
  • Triceps Pushdown 4 rds of 12 to 15
  • Overhead Cable Tricep Extensions 3 rds of 12 to 15
  • Standing Calve Raises 3 rds of 25
  • Seated Calve Raises 3 rds of 25

The first few exercises felt pretty hard, but after the Muscle Strength and BioCharge kicked in, I began to really feel the burn and pump, and by the end of the workout I felt like this:


I am not big on pre-workout supplements, and I don’t drink caffeine, but the animo acid supplements by AdvoCare have been great. Some days you just a little pick me up in your workout, and I have found BioCharge to be the best one out there.

Tomorrow I have a huge medical exam for flight school, but I will be sure to get in a workout and let you know how it goes!