Starting Stats and Goals

Like I mentioned in the first post I am going to post my starting statistics and goals for the New Year, New Program. At the beginning of the year, January 1, I weighed 189 pounds. My height was 5’11 and my BMI was 26.8. BMI is not the best method for looking at your appropriate weight, but this did put me in the overweight category. My body fat percentage was estimated at 15%. This makes sense because my BMI is on the low end of overweight, and 15% body fat is described as “lean and fit…muscles are outlined and covered by a thin layer of fat”. Some of my body measurements were: Waist- 35.5, Chest- 39.5, Biceps- 15.5.

Now for my goals. In order to plan my workouts and food I needed to decide what I wanted to look like. For me this was an easy decision- MMA fighters are incredibly powerful and maintain low body fat percentages. My favorite fighter is Urijah Faber. In order to look as strong and lean as Urijah I have to have the same ratio of weight to height as he does. Urijah is 5 feet 6 and fights at 135 pounds. This puts his BMI at 22% and a height to weight ratio of  2.04 pounds per inch. His body fat percentage is around 8%.

In order for me to look as big as he does I need to drop my body fat to 8% and have a mass to height ratio of 2.04 pounds. At 5′ 11″ I would weigh 145 pounds. Now this is extremely low on the BMI scale and so I know it is healthier for me to match my BMI and body fat to Uirjah. At 165 pounds I would have a BMI of 22. Weight goals: 165, body fat of 8%. For my measurements, I would like to see me waist shrink and my arms, chest and legs grow. Because I want the body fat to match Urijah, I have to work on gaining muscle and losing fat. With that said I know the average person can gain .437 pounds of muscle each week and can lose 3.2 pounds of fat a week. This brings about an average of 2.75 pounds of weight loss in a week. This is under 1% and is a healthy pace for weight loss. This pace means I should be able to reach my goal in 25 weeks.

Long story short;

Weight- 189   Goal- 165

BMI- 26  Goal- 22

Body Fat- 15%  Goal-8%

Length 25 weeks.

Next New Year, New Program: Weight lifting prgram


New Year, New Program

Each year everyone takes a little time to make New Year’s Resolutions and begin to better themselves in some way. Like everyone I made my resolutions as well.

I have been an athlete my entire life and have always competed at the highest levels of competition. My fitness goals always matched this type of lifestyle. I worked out for explosive power, speed, and high intensity stamina (ability to do sprints and such, over and over). While I didn’t eat unhealthy foods, I wasn’t concerned about my diet and I knew I was burning more calories than I was taking in.

Now that I am 27, a full-time student, working, and Dad, I am no longer competing, or spending hours training. On a typical day I am only able to be in the gym for around an hour. The diet I was eating as an athlete was no longer needed for the type of activities I was doing. While I still worked out, I was’t maximizing my workouts and was beginning to gain a little extra weight.

This New Year’s I have decided to focus on my diet and maximize the time I am spending in the gym. By eating healthier and changing my weight lifting program I can achieve new fitness goals and have the energy I had as an athlete without the added calories and weight. Starting tomorrow I will be documenting this healthier lifestyle and providing you with details of everything.

Next New Year, New Program: Starting statistics and goals.