I wanted to add a little information to the latest review on Advocare Spark.

This morning my wife and I were talking about the product and she mentioned that in the past I struggled to get out of bed, and that recently(since spark), I was able to get up on time and stopped taking naps. I have noticed a change, and so have the people around me.


Earlier I had a friend ask about Spark and she is currently trying it. I also had a personal trainer send me an email after I asked him to review the product. I wanted to know if he would take this stuff. Here is a quote from the email “It looks like they have a seriously comprehensive line of products. Prices look very competitive also.   I’ll be sure to speak with you when I run out of MRP’s”

Based on my experience and the thoughts of other I have decided to become a distributor for Advocare. If you are interested in anything please contact me or check the site out here: Advocare


I mentioned Drew Brees was an endorser, and that every NFL team has Advocare in their locker room, well Jason Witten has begun to endorse the product as well. For a full list of endorsers click here



New Supplements

I haven’t had a post about supplements, and so I believe now is the right time to start discussing them. It is my philosophy that anyone on a full workout plan needs to use supplements. The reason for this is the simple fact that by working out everyday you are putting the body through hell and asking it to grow and recovery. Even with proper eating habits you will miss some of the nutrients your body needs. A healthy and balanced diet, along with proper supplementation will allow you to see results and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We will get into more of this later but now I want to mention my new supplement review.

I have recently switched from using the supplements at GNC or DSD, to using a new brand which I believe to be the superior brand on the market. The company was created and the supplements were designed by medical doctors, and the majority of the supplements are safe for child. Some products labeled as OK for 4 year olds. The company also allows an outside source to review the product and guarantees that no illegal substances are in any of the products. All products meet the NCAA, MLB, NFL, NBA, Olympic and any other professional sports rules and testing procedures. The products are so good you can’t go to an NFL locker room without seeing them. MLB teams, and even several colleges put use the products as a way to supplement their athletes.

So what am I talking about? Advocare. Advocare is a huge company that is continuing to grow. The products worked so well that Drew Brees asked to be a spokesman for the company, and does it for free!

Now, that is all fine and well, but why should you use these products? That’s what I plan to use some of my blog to address. I am planning on using many of the products and doing a true account of my experience. I will tell you if something is bad or good, and I will let you know if I see results. Together we can work through each product and you can see for yourself the benefits.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products I will have a link setup for all of that as well.

Since these are new products for me, I am starting with a 24 day challenge. This includes a cleanse and will allow me to clean out system and start with a blank slate. I will review each product as I use it, and give you unbiased opinions. While I have the opportunity to become a distributor for the product, I am not a distributor, and will only consider that options after reviewing things for you and deciding how I feel about them.

Next time I touch on this topic I will review the Spark Energy Drink and Dietary Fiber Drink.