Situp/Pushup Challenge

After 10 weeks of not really having any responsibilities, and 6 weeks of living in Pensacola, it is finally time to start working. I found out that I am classing up for IFS. This is the first part of flight school for Student Naval Aviators and Student Naval Flight Officers. The purpose of IFS is to help assess whether or not you will be successful in API (part 2 of flight school) and whether or not you enjoy flying. It consists of two weeks of ground school and then 13.5 hours of flight time. At the end of the school you get a 1.5 hour solo flight.


With the IFS comes the move into API. Once you finish IFS, you start API the following week. API is 6 weeks of engineering classes and physical training. The first 4 weeks is the hardest of the program and is designed to weed out candidates. At the start of API the Navy requires a physical readiness test (PRT). The PRT is a pushup test, situp test and 1.5 mile run test.

Because I am now roughly 4 weeks from this PRT, I need to adjust my workout routine to prepare for it. I am already running 3 times a week and so at this point the 1.5 mil run is covered. However my current routine has me focusing on strength building and not endurance exercises. In order to prepare properly and ensure I am ready, I need to add pushups and situps to my routine. Simply put- I want to issue a situp/pushup challenge.

Here is how I plan to maximize my PRT score, and how the challenge will work. Over the next 30 days I will make a daily annoucement letting everyone know the situp/pushup count for the day. At the beginning of your workout perform the pushups, then after completing your routine (whether it is weights or running) perform the situps. The goal is to do the pushups and situps for that day without stopping. However has you need to feel free to do pushups on your knees or even take a second to shake your arms and then knock out some more. No matter what always go to failure before allowing yourself a break.

The number of situps/pushups is predetermined and every 3 days you will workout without performing the situps and pushups, effectively giving you 10 days of rest. We will start with 45 as our number and reach 100 by the end of the month. Please check here and on facebook for the dial number!

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Don’t Forget, today’s number is 45!