Extra post today! Yesterday, after a good back and bicep workout, I came home and loaded up the car with our two paddleboards (Em and I sold our boat a few months ago and used the money to get a set of boards). Normally she would have worked back and biceps today as well, but I knew that she needed a little piece of heaven on earth and could use a ride. For Em and I, paddleboarding is meditation, yoga, church and so much more. Nothing compares to being on the water and feeling alone. Even with a partner there is a wonderful isolation and incredible feeling of being connected.

For anyone in the Pensacola area there is a public boat ramp at Hub Stacey’s on Galvez Landing. Tuesday afternoon that was our drop in point, and it may be the only one we ever use again. The water was crystal clear and we paddled around three small and gorgeous islands. Our route was towards the west, crossing into Alabama.Photo Oct 08, 1 52 49 PM Photo Oct 08, 1 53 14 PM

Southeast of the ramp is Sunset Grille. This is a wonderful restaurant and we really enjoyed our lunch there last week. The entire restaurant is outdoor seating with a roof, and also some covers to fold down in the winter and storms. There is also a dock that covers the entire waterside and many people arrived by boat for lunch. We plan on paddleboarding for lunch one day. Here is the view from our table:Photo Oct 01, 2 49 50 PMOver the course of 45 minutes we paddled a mile and a half, talked, swam and watched endless amounts of sea life below us. We were free from jellyfish the size of platters, but surrounded by skates, needlefish and minnows. Nothing beats a good workout, a truly mind clearing and relaxing experience, time with the ones you love and seeing some cool stuff. Try it out!