Day 11 of 30

Today is day 11 of 30. For our situp and pushup challenge we have 65 today.
Being Tuesday it is also Shoulders, Legs and Calves day. 3 sets of 6. This is also day 30 of 365.

A few announcements:

  • After the pushup and situp challenge I will be doing a Pull-up challenge.
  • Also in December I will be putting on a Can You 24 Challenge. By ordering a 24 day cleanse pack from my Advocare store, you will receive a post holiday cleanse and jump start your New Year with a great weight-loss, and plateau breaking, supplement routine. I will also be providing support throughout the 24 days, as well as a workout to help enhance the program.



Advocare Fiber Drink

As a part of getting healthy I started a 10 day cleanse. I didn’t change anything about my diet, I am eating the way I plan to for life, but I added the cleanse routine from Advocare. As a part of that routine you spend 3 days at the beginning taking a fiber drink in the morning, and then the last 3 days you take the fiber drink again. Throughout the ten days there is also a probiotic, fatty acids, and an herbal cleanse. While I can’t speak directly on how the other products affect me daily, I can talk about the fiber drink.


In general Americans only get about 50% of their recommended daily fiber intake. This leads to gastrointestinal problems and weight gains. Part of the problem is the simple fact that Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables; something I have addressed in my new diet.

The Advocare fiber drink provides an additional 10 grams of dietary fiber, and 6 grams of insoluble fiber. The 10g of dietary fiber help you reach your daily goal and helps promote longer term regularity. The insoluble fiber rushes through your system, cleansing the digestive tract and eliminating waste. Basically it power washes the scum in your system. And believe me, it works! Within minutes you can tell the fiber is doing its job and you begin to “eliminate” scum.

While the taste isn’t as great as the other Advocare products, Fiber Drink works as advertised and is an essential part to the healthy cleansing everyone should be doing at least yearly.

For Fiber Drink, click here.