Semper Gumby

Well I was thrown another curve-ball. No big deal this time, just slightly annoying. Today’s workout was supposed to be a CrossFit WOD followed by leg day. Unfortunately that didn’t pan out.

I arrived to work at 6:30 this morning. By 7:30 I was over at my new command and checking in. First page of my check-in brief had a schedule on it. I was supposed to be there until at least 3:30. And surprise- I have a PRT first thing in the morning. So the best gym on base closes at 3:00 and I also can’t be sore so that I can perform for my physical test in the morning. Again, this isn’t a big deal but after a week and a half back in the gym and really started to hit my groove, I didn’t like have my plans changed on me. SO, this means tomorrow is a PRT and then I will move on to CrossFit and Shoulders.

Completely new topic, I need to establish a weigh in day. I have a habit of weighing in too often and then taking long periods of no weigh ins. Well I think it is time to set and stick to a day. So here it is- Friday. Every Friday I will do a weekly check in and weigh myself. I am eating for bulk and would like to weigh 185 before I focus on lower my body fat. In order to this I am eating enough to gain about 0.6 pounds a week and so I have roughly 12 weeks to go until I reach my goal. The reason I need to weigh in weekly is to make sure I am not over or under eating and can adjust my calories as necessary.


Why Fridays? It is my experience that, like most people, I break my routine on Fridays and Saturdays and so I am more than likely heaviest Saturday and Sunday mornings. In order to avoid weighing myself at a time when the scale will be skewed, I will weigh in before my cheat day hits. This gives me a few days to eat right and be at the gym before my body levels off. Then over the rest of the week I will perform at this homeostasis and be as close as possible to my average daily weight come Friday. The closer I can be to this average daily weight when I weigh in, the better I can track my progress and make adjustments to everything I do.

I like to take pictures and see where I am and how my look has changed, so I will take a picture every few weeks. My “starting” weight will be after weigh in tomorrow, and my “starting” picture will be this Sunday. Pictures are easiest on a weekend just because there is more free time.

I will let you know how things go tomorrow and will share my start weight with you as well. Just a short plug- if you are interested in trying AdvoCare please contact me. I will hep you figure what to try and even pass on a little discount.



Final Weigh in of Phase 1

Today is the day before I begin my new soviet style strength routine. It is also the last day of my Big man on Campus routine. This is a perfect time to weigh in and complete a set of measurements. I can see how the first 12 weeks went, and have a started place for the next 6 weeks.

The goal of my first phase was to add a little muscle and lose as much body fat as possible over the 12 week period. I wanted to focus on eating healthy so that my muscles could recovery from workouts and the body fat would be used up as fuel. Because of the way I ate, I was able to add a strength and burn through excess fat. For instance I lost over 2 pound last week, but was able to increase my 1RM for bench press.

Here are the results from the last 12 weeks:

Starting Weight- 189     Current Weight- 172.2

Starting Body Fat%- 15  Current BF%- 8.4

Starting Chest- 39.5″      Current- 39″, this 39″ is up after an initial drop to 38″

Starting Bicep- 15.5″       Current- 15″, up after dropping to 14.75″

Starting Hip- 39.5″          Current- 37″

Starting Waist- 35.5″      Current- 31.5″

Starting Thighs- 23.5″    Current- 22″

Starting Calves- 15.3″     Current- 15″

Starting Forearms- 12″   Current- 15″

Starting Shoulders- 44″  Current- 47″

Starting Neck- 16″            Current- 15.5″


Starting Bench Press- 205 Current- 220

Starting Squat- 300         Current- 310

Here are my Latest pictures compared to week 1:

R Front 1R Front 4R Side 1R Side 4R Flex 1R Flex 4

So far so good I think. Over the next 6 weeks I will be looking for muscle growth. I will also be monitoring my calories to ensure I maintain weight. By maintaining my weight I should see fat loss equal to the muscle gain. About 0.3 lbs of fat loss with 0.3 lbs of muscle gain. Later today I will talk about my plan for calorie intake over the coming weeks.



Weigh-in Day

Alright. So it has been another 2 weeks and it is time to weigh in and see how things have progressed. As far as I can see, I do not notice differences between the photos from two weeks and today. This isn’t a big deal, as long as my measured stats are changing I am on track and doing what I want to do. The aesthetic changes will come, and that is usually the hardest part of a program.

Lets see how the past two weeks have gone:

Weight- 175.4lbs, 2.2lb loss

Body fat %- 10%, 1% drop

Chest- 40″, Still not back to where it was on day 1, but it is up 1″, and is growing since the fat dropped off

Arms- 15″, is a drop of less than a quarter inch, and with my strength increasing I believe that is a fat loss

Hips- 38″, down an inch

Waist- 32″, down 3/4″

Thighs- 22.5″, .5″ drop

Calves- 15.5″, no change

Forearms- 12″, No change

Neck- 16″, no change

Shoulders- 48″, 1/2″ increase

from now on I am going to do the first week’s pictures beside the newest pictures. Here they are:

R Front 1 R Front 3 R Back 1 R Back 3 R Side 1 R Side 3R Flex 1 R Flex 3

Let me know how your workouts and goals are coming along!


Weigh-in Day

So this morning, Sunday, was weigh-in day. There was good news and bad news. First the bad news, well that’s exaggerating. The “bad news” is that I gain 0.8 pounds. The reason I say this is exaggerated and therefore not really bad, is because while it moves me away from my goals, it happens to everyone during the course of a weight loss program. Sometimes the body plateaus and needs a to hold on to a little extra. Another reason this is a little exaggerated is because I did not follow my calories last Sunday.

Last Sunday was Superbowl Sunday! I watched how much I ate, but I did not regulate what I ate. I ate bacon wraps, dessert bars, hamburgers, chips and salsa, veggies and spinach dip and some wine and beer. As you can see just one of each of those items would put me over half my daily calories, and by the evening I have less than 1/4 of my caloric intake left for dinner. Between Sunday and Monday, I weighed in Tuesday, I went up to 181.

So now the good news. I went up to 181, but lost 3 pounds and dropped to 178. So despite a huge gain early in the week, I maintained focus and dropped the extra weight. This morning I used my calipers and calculated my body fat. This week I am down to 10.5%.

So at the end of 7 weeks I am down 11 pounds and weigh 178. I am down 4% body fat and am at 10.5%. I have 5 weeks left in phase one! Next week is a full measurement and weigh in with pictures.

New Toy

Hey ya’ll. Tomorrow is another weigh in day, but I wanted to put out another post because I got a new toy! I purchased an automatic body fat percentage caliper. The first time I setup my goals for weight loss and body fat I had to estimate my body fat percentage based on the descriptions of the each percentage. Based on that I guessed I was about 18%. Since then I have been measuring my waist and using the best guess method to calculate my body fat. Most recently it was guessed to be 14%. Nice little drop.

However, neither of these methods are as accurate as measuring skin folds. So I began to shop for a skin fold caliper. I found one worth trying. It is an automatic caliper and it calculates your body fat after measuring three sites. The chest, naval and thigh, are the sites used. Base on age, weight, sex and these measurements it spits out your body fat. It is more accurate than guessing and measuring your waist, but it still isn’t the best measurement. The only other way to measure without a Bod Pod, is to use a caliper you read yourself and calculate the body fat based on 5 or 7 sites, not 3. Nonetheless, this is very close to that method.

Here is the new caliper

Here is the new caliper

Today I used the caliper and I am currently at 11.1%. Base on this number, compared to my earlier guesses, I am updating my goals. I could change the time I have to reach the goals, but I am leaving the end date the same. I feel like once I reach my weight, dropping the body fat will get more difficult and so I plan to take my time with it.

New goals to achieve by July 13, 2013:

Weight- 170 pounds. This is because if I went to 165 I would have to lose lean mass, and I only want to lose fat.

Body Fat- 8%. This is down from 10%. I am close enough to 10% that I realize my goal look is a little less than 10, but also since I am not a pro athlete or fighter, I do not need to be at 5%.

I will post new stats tomorrow. And more pictures next week!

Week 5 Weigh-in and Progress

Alright! So despite getting a little bored and afraid of plateaus during week four, I made it to my next benchmark. I just finished week 5 of phase one of my training. I have 7 weeks left til phase 2 and I am already beginning to some results. This week my number were a little deceiving and so I had to look at what was happening and what has been happening.

Over the first 3 weeks, before I started taking pictures and checking in with you all, I lost a lot of weight quickly and saw dramatic drops in size. This was ok because my strength wasn’t waning and so it was all fat. This week i have seen my strength increase, but my numbers are still lower than when I started. This is also good news. This shows that I am slowly building muscle, and am now beginning to lose fat while adding lean mass. The only numbers not going up are my weight, waist and body fat!

Here is what the last two weeks looks like:

Weight down to 177.6, this is 12.4 pounds in 5 weeks

Bodyfat has dropped 1% in the last two weeks

Chest grew 1 inch in two weeks

Biceps are up 1.5 inches in two weeks

Hips grew .8 inches in two weeks

waist down 1 inch!

Thighs, quad growth of .5 inches in two weeks

Calves up .25 inches in two weeks

Shoulders have increased size by 2 inches in two weeks

and my neck is up .5 inches in two weeks

So statistically the workout program is working and everything I could ask to be happening is. Now for the pictures. I believe there are a few difference that can be seen in the pictures, but I can tell day to day there are some big changes. Pictures can be deceiving, but they say it take several weeks for you to noticed a change and even longer for strangers.

Here you go:

R Side 2 R Back 2 R Flex 2 R Front 2

Next benchmark- week 7