Final Weigh in of Phase 1

Today is the day before I begin my new soviet style strength routine. It is also the last day of my Big man on Campus routine. This is a perfect time to weigh in and complete a set of measurements. I can see how the first 12 weeks went, and have a started place for the next 6 weeks.

The goal of my first phase was to add a little muscle and lose as much body fat as possible over the 12 week period. I wanted to focus on eating healthy so that my muscles could recovery from workouts and the body fat would be used up as fuel. Because of the way I ate, I was able to add a strength and burn through excess fat. For instance I lost over 2 pound last week, but was able to increase my 1RM for bench press.

Here are the results from the last 12 weeks:

Starting Weight- 189     Current Weight- 172.2

Starting Body Fat%- 15  Current BF%- 8.4

Starting Chest- 39.5″      Current- 39″, this 39″ is up after an initial drop to 38″

Starting Bicep- 15.5″       Current- 15″, up after dropping to 14.75″

Starting Hip- 39.5″          Current- 37″

Starting Waist- 35.5″      Current- 31.5″

Starting Thighs- 23.5″    Current- 22″

Starting Calves- 15.3″     Current- 15″

Starting Forearms- 12″   Current- 15″

Starting Shoulders- 44″  Current- 47″

Starting Neck- 16″            Current- 15.5″


Starting Bench Press- 205 Current- 220

Starting Squat- 300         Current- 310

Here are my Latest pictures compared to week 1:

R Front 1R Front 4R Side 1R Side 4R Flex 1R Flex 4

So far so good I think. Over the next 6 weeks I will be looking for muscle growth. I will also be monitoring my calories to ensure I maintain weight. By maintaining my weight I should see fat loss equal to the muscle gain. About 0.3 lbs of fat loss with 0.3 lbs of muscle gain. Later today I will talk about my plan for calorie intake over the coming weeks.




1 Rep Max Test

Alright, so today was my 1RM test day. In order to follow the soviet routine I have been talking about I need to know my 1RM. Throughout the routine you are required to perform the exercises at percentages of your 1RM.

I was actually really excited about this. I have never tried to  see how much weight I pull doing a chin-up, I have never tried to max out my squats, and only recently did I attempt a max at bench press. So today was going to be a first for me, and I was excited to see what I could do.

I began by performing the bench press. Two weeks ago I tested and lifted 215 pounds. Today I started by performing a set of 6 reps at 180 pounds. I just wanted to warm up a bit and let the blood flow. I then put completed 1 rep at 210. I added 5 pounds and completed a rep at 215. Next up was 220. Since this was a new weight for me, I found a spotter and let him know I was shooting for a new max and I may not get this weight. I lifted the bar off the rack, lowered the bar and pushed, pushed, pushed- for about 5 good seconds I pushed and breathed and slowly completed the rep without help! I did not try for 225 and happy accepted 220 as my 1RM.

Just as I will be completing my workout, I moved to the squat. I wanted to ensure I tested in the same order of my workout. This way if I am tired and  the max is lower and so the percentage will fit in the program and I want try to push a weight that is higher than my muscle strength. I again completed a lower weight warm up, and moved into single squats. Starting at 280 I worked my way up and finally maxed out at 310.

For the chin ups, I bet you can’t guess what I did? LOL I warmed up and then completed single reps with different weights hanging off my belt. I started at 65 pounds and maxed out at 80!

So now my started benchmark is- Bench press 220, Squat 310, Chin-ups 80.

After completed the workout I did a Crossfit routine from earlier in the week. The routine specifically focused on the movements in the 13.1 from the Reebok Challenge. So for me the WOD was:

12-9-6-3 reps of

95# Snatch



I completed the WOD in 7:10

Unfortunately this was still pretty tough for me, and while I wanted to use tomorrow as a retry of 13.1, I will be using it as rest day and prepare myself to start the soviet routine on Monday.

Now for a good solid dinner