What My Wife Does

Like myself, and many of you, my wife is into health and fitness. Up until recently she wasn’t big on lifting weights and worried about getting bulky. I assured her that while she will build muscle, she will not become a big bulky man. Women do not have the same amounts of hormones in their bodies as men do, and they do not tend to eat the mammoth amount of calories the body would need for large growth. What does happen for women, is that they build muscle and because of the increased need for calories (muscles need more calories then fat to survive and grow) the body burns the calories building muscle and fat shrinks.

While running is healthy and a good way to burn calories, my wife burns about 300 calories on a run, and around 250 when lifting. However once the lift is complete, her body continues to burns calories and ultimately will burn almost twice as many calories as the run did. With this, the body grows stronger, more toned, and loses more fat than any other way of exercise. Over the last few months she has seen incredible results and has never been happier with her fitness progress.

After a little break, she is ready to get back in the gym and work toward her weight goal. As a way of working towards her goal, she has decided to exercise for 30 days straight and ignore the scale during this time. Below is her workout plan:


Pushups, Dumbbell Press, Cable Flye, Pushups, Tricep Extension, Tricep Pushdown and Curls if there is time


One Arm Rows, Seated rows, Reverse grip Pulldowns, Bicep Curl, Dumbbell Curls, Cable Curls and Abs if there is time


This is an active recovery day. Running, Zumba, Yoga, Spin, Paddleboarding


Squats, Leg Press, Reverse Lunge, Leg Extensions, Deadlifts, Leg Curls, Leg press or Seated Calves


Dumbbell Shoulder Press, Front raise, Side lat raise, Hanging knee tucks, weighted crunches, Air Bikes


Two more active recovery days. The plan right now is to use Saturday as a warm-up day and do an easy run, and use Sunday as a day to do a long run. Typically we do this together and push the stroller.

Its a simple plan that allows a single day of work per muscle group, while still working the muscle slightly on the days when the other groups are the main focus. Emily finishes is up with a green smoothie she makes, and supplements throughout the day with MNS, Meal Replacement Shakes, and before a workout, Catalyst.

Keeping her fit and happy makes me happy, and gives us one other thing to connect on and enjoy together. And it helps to enjoy doing things together- means you like each other!

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